Colour In Faith – Where Our Faith Lives

Colour in Faith is an art orchestration that creates a space for the expression of faith in humanity and universal values. The orchestration would bring faith outside of the walls of institutions into an experience of encounter, expression of common acceptance and tolerance, and offer the opportunity to those of many faiths to extend their reach beyond and across institutional walls. The historic culture of pluralism gets reflected upon, honoured, and expressed in the public realm.The orchestration offers an opportunity to reframe security, reclaiming it from those who use faith to justify and create instability. These cities often have long-standing travel advisories against visiting them on the basis of insecurity. The cities will offer a global invitation from the voice of those who claim cultures of warmth, peace, and acceptance. As places of historic pluralism, these landmarks will be highlighted as a point of reference for what is possible elsewhere in the world.

Produced by Cultural Video Foundation .

Kenya, 2016