Lorenzo is thinking of a plan desperately, while his friends chain-smoke joints to get relaxed, because they are convinced this is the best way to express their creativity. Clearly, they get so stoned they are not able to think of any plan. Instead, Joao has an idea. He explains Lorenzo and the others how to fool Jack Daniel’s: he tells them about the ‘drug mules’ and how Nigerian mafia smuggles cocaine and heroin into the country, with the help of people from Eastern Europe, who swallow these ovules and carry them in their belly. The plan is kidnapping one of these mules and trading him with Joy. 250.000 Euro vs. 50.000 Euro, the amount of a mule’s load vs. the ransom to get Joy back. Through a spectacular coordinated action, they manage to complete the plan successfully. The episode ends with a noisy fart and the relative ejection of ovules from the mule’s system, exactly when police bursts in to arrest everybody.