Lorenzo and Joy are finally free and planning a life together. Now, it is time for her to know Posillipo, the area where Lorenzo was born and bred, to take her to the sea where he used to go when he was a child and to eat at his sister’s with his parents. Sveva, Lorenzo’s sister, is going for food shopping for lunch when she realizes she has forgotten the car keys; without meaning to, she overhears a telephone conversation of her husband. The perfidious spouse is explaining to his unknown interlocutor how he managed to get their company bankrupt and then to acquire it for nothing in order to re-sell it and make a lot of money. Sveva could not believe that; the cause of all their misfortunes is her husband. She decides to talk to her brother to see what they can do about it. The episode ends with a round-up of all characters telling us how our hero, Lorenzo, has turned from big baby into real man. Now, he is finally ready to fight this new fight, which will take place in the second season.