Maskaniflani is a participatory documentary produced together with the Kenyan music group of Ukoo Flani. The documentary is a journey into Kenya public space and public art scene, it tells the story of the group of Ukoo Flani that decided to support the cause of Public Space and Public Art in their own country. The documentary starts with the story of the 3 main characters that decide to record a song and produce a music video about public space. In the second part of the documentary they will interview artists, citizens and activists to understand better what and how public space and public art is important for Kenyans. The documentary will end with two public art live performances: a Maskani funeral in Mombasa and a public oath in Uhururu park in Nairobi.

Best Documentary Award International Human Right Film Festival of Naples 2009

Produced by Cultural Video Foundation and Urban Mirror CBO, with the support of Goethe Institut Naiorbi, Kenya 2009