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We’re living at a time where anything can go wrong and everything can be right. The outcome of efforts made for public places is completely determined on the people involved and those stuck in peripheries. Places shift and people change opinions. The formula to create an inclusive and expressive public space has become ridged and less dependent on shared experience and more on instant gratification and outcome.
Art@TheBus: The Culture of Placemaking, we have explored and studied the possibilities and limitations of creative placemaking through music, theater, art and design.
Produced by Cultural Video Production.
Kenya, 2016


Art @ The Bus presents COLOUR IN FAITH, a community-based public art project, is using public art practice to bring communities of different faiths together. In Partnership with WIBO Culture, UP Magazine, ETUUKA, Red Bull, Kenyan Nights and UP Magazine. THE BUS is the only creative space thus far to participate in this project.

Here is a video of the installation made by the CVP team. Music Koko’s Vibration, by Santuri Safari.

Produced by Cultural Video Production. Kenya, 2016