Neapolitan Nights from Vesuvian Blues to Planetary Vibes

This article explores the reformulation of the public sphere under the impact of local subcultures and musical affiliations commencing in the 1960s and continuing down to the present. We have decided to adopt an inter-disciplinary or ‘cultural studies’ approach in order to focus on the political dynamics of contemporary Neapolitan club culture and its historical foundations, conflicts and defining traits. We are interested in understanding how the forms and contents of the sounds contributed to shaping political ideologies, cultural formations, social class structures, and urban, ethnic, gendered and sexualised identities. We consider club cultures – their spatialities, practices and proposals – in terms of what Foucault once referred to as heterotopias (Foucault 1984). Parallel to the institutional organization of consensual understandings, the heterotopic provides a parallel counter-space. It promotes a ‘time out’ from institutional rhythms, even an interruption, certainly an interrogation, of the hegemonic framing of bodies held in a uniform and unilateral time.

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