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Dr. Vincenzo Cavallo, also known as Dr. Farasi or Dr. Faras in East Africa, is the founder of the legendary Nairobi BUS and the director of an awarded feature film, a tv series, a web series and more than fifty documentaries on social, political, cultural and humanitarian issues.

His first feature film WAZI?FM received among other awards the Golden Dhow at the 18th edition of the Zanzibar Film Festival (ZIFF) and has been selected at DISCOP Johannesburg 2017 as best pilot series. His first web series Connection House was awarded at Roma Web Fest 2016 for best direction and Berlin Web Fest 2017 for best comedy. He produced, wrote and directed a 12 episode TV series on Afro-Colombian music that won the CNTV (Chile) award and the Co-production award of RTVC (Colombia).

In 2010 he obtained a Ph.D. in Communication and New Technologies after working for UN/DESA and co-founding Cultural Video Foundation and Cultural Video Production. Since 2007 he has been working in Africa and Latin America with Cultural Video Group producing and directing video projects and communication campaigns for UN agencies such as UNEP and FAO.

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